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413 Brunswick St, Fitzroy VIC 3065
For a change there were two veggie burgers on the menu - Magic Mushie and the Bean Around. I went for the Bean Around which has a mug bean sprout and kidney bean patty, spinach, hummus, pickled carrot, pickled onion and chili jam for $14.80. First impressions were I thought the size was on the small end for nearly $15 for a burger. Think the taste that came straight away was the hummus, which is great. There was a little bit of spice from the chilli jam, but not a lot. Didn't really notice the pickled carrot. Ordered both the chips and onion rings, again for nearly $10 for a bowl was on the expensive end, but both were great - the onion rings were big and crispy and I went with the 'fat chips' and were well cooked, crunchy and fluffy on the inside.
King St Melbourne
Just one veggie burger on the menu for $17.50 - Chickpea & roast sweet potato patty, tomato, lettuce, tasty cheese and harissa yoghurt served with chips. Burger was ok, nothing remarkable. Think it could have done with some more flavour, chilli sauce or tomato relish? Bun was soft, not toasted. Chips were luke warm so weren't quite fresh.
861 High St, Thornbury
Kustom Burgers has only been open a few months, walked past it many times, finally had the opportunity to give it a try. Just the one veggie burger on the menu, Combi Southern Fried Mushroom burger which consisted of Fried Portobello Mushroom coated in herbs and spices, cheese, jalapenos, chipolte mayo and coleslaw. Initially when I bit into this burger I was wondering where the flavour was, could taste the cabbage in the coleslaw and the crunch of the crumbed mushroom coating had a bit of spice, but not much else. Then I hit the sauce. Reminded me of the good old 'Special Sauce' on a Big Mac but with more of a kick from the jalapenos and more mustard flavour. The chips were nice and crunchy, above the average.
Federation Square Melbourne
Been to Burger Deluxe a few times and remembered it was not too bad, but was disappointed this time. The veggie burger has a red lentil pattie, lettuce, cheese, tomato, beetroot, pineapple, mayo and deluxe sauce. Firstly, the bun tasted a bit stale and while the pattie had a nice flavour, it was overcooked and was hard. I couldn't taste the deluxe sauce, so can't say what it was. The dominate flavours were the beetroot, mayo and pineapple. Chips were fairly average too.
273 Hawthorn Road Caulfield
This is a tiny place, we went there at 12pm on a Saturday afternoon, and there was no where to sit, so we ended up sitting on benches in the gardens of the Town Hall opposite. I ordered the Veggie Wedgie burger for $9.50 - beetroot, lentil and brown rice patty, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, cheese and Tuck Shop special sauce on a soft bun. The patty had a nice flavour, could taste the beetroot. The other dominant flavour was the pickles and a bit from the sauce, although can't say I tasted much of the sauce. Overall, was a good burger although I think I would have preferred the bun toasted. Also had the server of chips, which were nice and crisp. I also ordered the Salted Fantale milkshake and it really tasted like a fantale! Really enjoyed it.
89 Station St Fairfield
I used to go to Grill Station quite often when I lived in Thornbury, and always liked the burgers and chips. Heard recently that it had changed hands, and maybe the quality dropped, so was a bit wary. So, I ordered my usual - the veggie version of the Hot Stuff burger - veggie pattie with beetroot, pickles, tomato, red onion, hot chilli flakes, cos lettuce, sweet chilli sauce and spicy relish with a side of small chips for $14.50. Seems like the reports were wrong, this a great burger. Nice, crisp salad and the veggie patty contains lots of veggies - carrot, corn, potato, etc, and the chilli certainly had some bite. Liked the beetroot and the pickles too. Just about any burger can be made into a veggie burger. Chips were as good as I remembered, steak fries nice and crunchy.
71 Church St Richmond
I ordered The Sweet Pea burger which consisted of a spiced sweet potato and chickpea patty with beetroot relish, caramelised onion, mayonnaise, tomato and lettuce on a brioche bun for $16. This was a great veggie burger, the flavour of the sweet potato and chickpea patty matched up nicely with the beetroot relish and onions. The salad was crisp and fresh and the brioche bun was nicely toasted. Thought the burger was going to be messy to eat, but held together and didn't spill over. The chips were also great, crisp and well cooked. Friends also ordered onion rings, which were huge, crisp and covered in ample beer batter. Also ordered a caramel milk shake which was just as I wanted, deep caramel flavour.
Northcote Plaza Northcote
Just the one thing on the menu at Ribs and Burgers for non meat eaters, the Veggie Patch. This burger contains Field mushroom, Spanish onion, haloumi cheese, baby cos, tomato, crispy onion rings and home made aioli for $16. I topped it off with some BBQ sauce. This was a burger was another that just would be too messy to eat as is, so cut it in half. The flavour of the mushroom straight from a BBQ was great, had a nice smokey taste to it. Salad was crisp and fresh. The side of chips was a medium for $6, just average chips.
174 Swan St Richmond
Had the veggie burger, which consists of a veggie patty, rocket, carrot, red relish, chilli, Aoli as part of the $14.90 deal with chips and drink. The patty was full of veggies plus the combined red sauce, chilli and Aoli added a great flavour. The salad was nice and crisp with flavour to rocket and carrot adding to the aoli,chilli, red sauce combination. The chips were great, nice and crisp.
243 Swanston St Melbourne
Got the Vegie burger - polenta, kipfler and sweet potato pattie with tomato salsa, aoli and salad. The dominant flavour in this burger was the aoli, the pattie was fine, but really didn't taste sweet potato or any other flavour, was a little bland. Also, the tomato salsa could have used a bit of a kick, maybe a bit of chilli? The bun was also very soft, especially the bottom. Chips were good, nice and crisp with a good seasoning.